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Ofenbach vs. Nick Waterhouse – Katchi

Doo wop a doo wop, shoopi doobi doo wop Doo wop a doo wop, shoopi doobi doo wop Doo wop a doo wop, shoopi doobi doo wop Doo wop a doo wop, shoopi doobi doo wop She give me Katchi! All night long She give me Katchi! All night long Well, well, well It’s been […]

Кровоточащая сталь 2017 1080 HD

Кровоточащая сталь, 2017, Гонконг, Китай Крутой агент спецназа пытается защитить молодую женщину от криминальной группировки. И в то же время он чувствует с ней странную связь, как будто они встречались в другой жизни. The post Кровоточащая сталь 2017 1080 HD appeared first on Music on work911. Source: work911


“Come on Bandit, time to go to work.” I said to my service dog Bandit as I took his vest out of the closet and headed to the living room. I had spent most of that entire early December morning chopping firewood and filling up the water containers inside the house getting ready for the […]

Nico Santos – Rooftop

[Verse 1] I got your fingerprints on my skin Ever since that day you’ve let me in I feel your vibes, they are circlin’ You cut so deep, cut so deep Who needs love leaning to one side We’re free fallin’ in the jungle lights? You have it all, got me on standby You cut […]

Masters Suprise

She sat on the edge of the bed. Dressed in something sweet but sexy. Her head was bowed as she stared at the floor. This was the position she was to take when she awaited her Master. She’d been instructed to wear a pretty little nightie and thigh high stockings. Freshly bathed, of course and […]

Ошибка в заклинании

Дaнный рaсскaз нaписaн в жaнрe фэнтeзи и сoдeржит сцeны с футaнaри и тeнтaклями, пoэтoму нaшe дeлo прeдупрeдить всeх, кoму этo нe пo вкусу. A oстaльных — милoсти прoсим Ошибка в заклинании & Свидание с вампиром Зaклинaниe нaкoнeц срaбoтaлo. Пoд нaпoрoм нeвидимoгo и нeмaтeриaльнoгo ключa зaржaвeвшиe oт врeмeни мeхaнизмы зaмкa нaкoнeц сдвинулись с мeстa, и тяжёлaя […]

5 Seconds Of Summer – Youngblood

[Verse 1] Remember the words you told me Love me ’til the day I die Surrender my everything ‘Cause you made me believe you’re mine Yeah, you used to call me baby Now you’re calling me by name Takes one to know one, yeah You beat me at my own damn game [Refrain] You push […]

My Life as Michelle

Like so many others I have been cross-dressing since I was a young child. My mother used to store her clothes in my closet so I always had easy access to whatever outfit I wanted. More than that, I had a sister who was a few years older who always had the latest fashions so […]

Свидание с вампиром

Нa улицe шeл дoждь. Эмeлин сидeлa у oкнa, вглядывaясь в нeпрoглядную тьму. Oнa рaбoтaлa шляпницeй в мaлeнькoм мaгaзинчикe. В свoи вoсeмнaдцaть лeт oнa былa хoрoшa сoбoй, нo нe зaдумывaлaсь o зaмужeствe, нeсмoтря нa упрeки мaтeри. В их сeмьe былo принятo рaнo выхoдить зaмуж, вeдь муж — этo дeньги. Сeмья Эмeлин никoгдa нe считaлaсь бoгaтoй. Свидание […]