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LSD – Thunderclouds (Official Video)

LSD – Thunderclouds (Official Video) ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth

The Vassal Academy Part Four

Standing again after giving it a good swing, which had her squirming under his hand. He positioned his cock at her sex, and quickly replaced his finger. The Vassal Academy Part Four & The Vassal Academy Part One. Geneva cried out. “Fuck your…” She climaxed as the swinging weight took her over the edge. The […]

The Vassal Academy Part Three

The small talk continued and they sipped coffee. The physical therapist arrived and Geneva stayed to help while Andre went to phone in, and to get something for him and Geneva to eat. He used a payphone near the Emergency Room to call the Academy. The Vassal Academy Part Three & The Vassal Academy Part […]

The Vassal Academy Part Two

“Master, I don’t want to be let off.” Geneva said. “I want to pay for my mistake. But I also want to serve you and Master Devon by getting Josh for you all.” The Vassal Academy One Two & The Vassal Academy Part Three. “We’re offering Josh an option, not getting him. If he chooses […]

The Vassal Academy Part One

Waking in the morning, Jeannette silenced her alarm, and then stood up from Geneva’s bed. Geneva was awake and stretching too. As Jeannette went to get her morning instructions, Geneva went to release Crystal from the bindings they had left her in. The Vassal Academy Part One & The Vassal Academy Part Two. Jeannette glanced […]


“Come on Bandit, time to go to work.” I said to my service dog Bandit as I took his vest out of the closet and headed to the living room. I had spent most of that entire early December morning chopping firewood and filling up the water containers inside the house getting ready for the […]

Masters Suprise

She sat on the edge of the bed. Dressed in something sweet but sexy. Her head was bowed as she stared at the floor. This was the position she was to take when she awaited her Master. She’d been instructed to wear a pretty little nightie and thigh high stockings. Freshly bathed, of course and […]

Ошибка в заклинании

Дaнный рaсскaз нaписaн в жaнрe фэнтeзи и сoдeржит сцeны с футaнaри и тeнтaклями, пoэтoму нaшe дeлo прeдупрeдить всeх, кoму этo нe пo вкусу. A oстaльных — милoсти прoсим Ошибка в заклинании & Свидание с вампиром Зaклинaниe нaкoнeц срaбoтaлo. Пoд нaпoрoм нeвидимoгo и нeмaтeриaльнoгo ключa зaржaвeвшиe oт врeмeни мeхaнизмы зaмкa нaкoнeц сдвинулись с мeстa, и тяжёлaя […]

My Life as Michelle

Like so many others I have been cross-dressing since I was a young child. My mother used to store her clothes in my closet so I always had easy access to whatever outfit I wanted. More than that, I had a sister who was a few years older who always had the latest fashions so […]